California Minuteman Project

California Great Bear Republic Call to Action 2014!

California is in crisis! Successive legislatures have sold Californians down the river. Liberals and their appeasers have led the state to the edge of bankruptcy, allowed and encouraged an invasion of its sovereign borders, strangled its businesses by passing burdensome regulations, and blatantly ignored the will of the people of California. Now is the time to halt the self-destructive course that those who are sure they know better than the people have set us on. We must replace the short-sighted, quarrelsome, arrogant bureaucrats now occupying seats of responsibility statewide with public servants who will faithfully execute their responsibilities to the principles laid forth in the Constitution and the will of the people of California.

This website will serve as a portal for patriots to learn about candidates for state office who care about the principles of freedom and justice and will have the courage and conviction to protect and defend this great state.

To learn more about the candidates in the state select a link below:

US Congress

CA Statewide Races

US Congress
California Great Bear Republic PAC is a state-authorized non-affiliated political action committee. Many border security and national sovereignty candidates will be seeking our help -- please give generously! Contributions from an individual to a PAC are limited to $6,500 per year. Donations from foreign citizens are prohibited. Contributions to California Great Bear Republic PAC are not tax deductible for income tax purposes.
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